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You're very welcome to Treecostpro, the tree removal cost and savings guide that is here to help you get more informed about finding suitable tree removal experts in Boston MA and help you get more informed about costs and what to expect so you can make better decisions and get the best quote for your job.  We give you some cost guidelines of what to expect and also recommend some of the best-reviewed tree removal companies in Boston so you can get multiple quotes and compare them to get the best deal locally.


Tree Sizes & Removal Cost Boston MA


Small Size Tree Removal in Boston - Trees less than 30ft or less are generally regarded as small in overall size for the reasons of describing tree service costs. For small-sized trees, cutting down and removal is the least challenging and you can expect to spend $150 and the low part and $300 in the very high side with an average of AVG $250 roughly. Trees which fall under this grouping are Eastern Red cedar, Quaking Aspen, and Sassafras.


Medium Size Tree Removal in Boston  - Trees having a level of between 30ft and 60ft are thought of as a medium height tree, trees like Green Ash, Pin Oak, and Hemlock. All of these are trees have a medium level of difficulty and hazard connected to removal. You can expect to spend between $300 and $900 with an average cost of AVG $550 roughly depending on conditions, see much more shown below.


Large Size Tree Removal in Boston MA -  Generally the larger the tree the more significant the attempt and risk associated with challenges in getting it removed safely. This is just one of the reasons why larger trees cost extra, more tree, more work, greater risk and hazard attached to safe removal.  Trees that mature between 60ft and 80ft high are regarded as large trees and probably most significant trees fall into this category.  These include White Oak, Red Oak, and Walnut.  You can expect to pay a lower cost of $500 and upper cost $1200                                    with an average of approximately AVG $900.  For an exact quote, contact us below.


Extra Large Tree Removal in Boston -  For all trees above 80ft tall are regarded as extra large and carry the highest level of work, effort, and threat when extracting them. Trees like Redwood and Ponderosa Pine are few of the trees in this group.  Cost range from a minimum of $1900 and a maximum of $2900 and above depending.  An average cost would be about AVG $2200 again depending on conditions.  Few trees in the Massachusetts area would fall into this grouping.


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Additional Factors The Influence the Costs


Height - Essentially the taller the tree the more it costs simply because there is extra wood in the tree being managed and the greater the risk associated with having it removed.

Diameter - The diameter of a tree is the girth of the trunk from one side to another, that has an influence on the amount of trimming and overall size of the tree for being managed.

Access - The access to the tree is important in assessing how easy it is to get to the tree and pull in the relevant hardware and get the job done.

The health of The Tree - The general health of your tree has an impact on the cost and quote as it has a direct impact on the level of work and risk associated with taking it out, briefly unhealthy trees can be unpredictable in clearing away.

Dead Trees - Similar to unhealthy trees, lifeless trees can be risky in taking them down as the structure of the trees has been weakened.  A weakened structure makes is difficult to predict the removal process and as a result, increases the hazards attached.

Hardwoods V's Softwoods - Hardwoods, as their name indicates, are a harder wood than softwoods and may be more difficult to clear away and take more resources and time. This can cost more in contrast to getting rid of softwoods.  This not a significant difference but can be a factor estimated by the provider.




Tree Service Costs in Boston MA


Exactly what's incorporated in your quote - Services in which are normally included in your estimate include cutting down the tree itself, chipping the branches up into a mulch, this is usually done because of it's the more efficient way to get rid of the limbs and recycle the mulch. Chopping the trunk up into manageable sections is normally included unless one is simply paying out the minimum price to have the tree removed. Hauling the tree away is typically incorporated into the prices however you want to check that when getting the quote.  Rarely it can be an added cost.

Whats not really included in your estimate - Most of the needed and fundamental services are incorporated in the timber removal process, however, there are a few which are not included and simply because these require other machines and expertise, these include tree stump and root grind up and extraction. As this procedure calls for a specific machine to be brought to the site and needs particular expertise, tree firms do not incorporate it. Other services not included are arborist evaluations and assessments together with timber slicing and splitting. You will need to pay out extra for these.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Costs in Boston

Tree Trimming Prices


Tree Trimming Costs:Approximate Tree Trimming Costs
SizeHeightLow CostAverageHigh Cost


The exact cost of contracting a tree trimming company will certainly vary depending upon the geographical area, the overall size and specific location of the tree, and whether or not or not you require the tree cleared away as well. Frequent trimming is recommended for numerous reasons as it supports the overall health and maintenance of your trees and can better manage your costs as its spread out over a longer period.

Small size tree trimming will cost you approximately $200, Medium size tree trimming will cost you approximately $500 with a lower cost of 200 and a high cost of $900. Large trees in between 60-80 feet will cost anyone an average of $900 - $1000 all depending conditions.


Factors that influence the total price of tree trimming back are specific location and condition of the tree, ease of access and the period of time from the last trimming occurred. Sometimes enough time it requires to journey to a site can have an influence on fees so hiring a local tree professional can save you on costs.

Tree Pruning Prices



Pruning is just one of the few tree jobs you can easily do on your own for anyone who is enthusiastic about your trees however in the event that you have a lot of trees to be pruned, you may just simply not possess the time and require a professional. Factors affecting your tree trimming estimation are a specific location of trees, the health condition of trees, well being and period of time since the last pruning.  Pruning costs in Boston range from $90 up to $400 for trees under 30ft and between $200 and $400 for trees between 30ft and 60ft, you can pay anywhere between $200 & $800.

Stump and Root Removal Costs in Boston

Stump grinding and root removal in Boston can be charged based on the size of the stump you are getting rid of or the length of time it takes to remove it.  For most estimates, the tree company will generally estimate you based on the time it takes to remove the stump and this will be multiplied by the number of stumps you have to be removed.

Once again building upon on the measurements of the stump and the conditions, a small stump will be priced at you can average $110 and medium overall size stump or root will cost you an average of $150. A large stump will cost you roughly an average of $200.

All of these are simply averages and you will need to get an estimate from us here if you would like a precise estimate of your work. Stump and root work may be billed on the size and overall length of time to do the job. Depending on the diameter of the tree you can pay approximately $2-$3 per inch.

Factors influencing the cost of your price quote will depend upon the quantity of stumps or roots one wants to be removed, the age of the stump and soil condition as well as the tidy up and returning the landscape to its original condition.

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