Tree Cutting & Removal Service

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Tree Cutting and Removal is exactly what it says in that its the service that involves usually cutting down and removing a tree for one of many reasons, you’ve probably already reached the conclusion that it needs to be removed and this is where this service comes in.

If you are still unsure if the tree needs to be removed then you may need to evaluate it first as in many cases trees can be saved and its always a preference if you can manage the tree so it does have to be removed, this will always be a preference and also may be a cheaper option for you, for more consultancy on the health and evaluation of a tree, check out our arborist service here for more information.


What Exactly Does it Involve

Tree Cutting and Removing is the cutting down of the tree and landing it on the ground, chipping up the branches and cutting up the trunk into manageable sizes to be hauled away. In most cases this is the basic service, for extra services such as stump grinding and root removal, as well as cutting and chopping up timber for firewood, these are added on services for which you will pay more. For more information on tree removal service costs go here.


Tree Sizes

Arborday Foundation Sizing Guide


Tree Service Costs

Tree cutting and removal service costs are best outlined by first of all evaluating approximately what size tree you have and then we can better estimate the approximate cost. As trees greatly vary in size, the size of a tree has an obvious direct impact on the amount of risk and work in getting it complete along with the estimated time it will take.

Trees are generally broken up into four different sizes, trees less than 30ft are regarded as small trees, trees between 30ft-60ft are regarded as medium size. 60ft - 80ft are regarded as large and extra large is anything over 80ft tall. The following estimate costs are outlined here. For more details see here.


Tree Removal Service (Approximate Costs) ($)
SizeHeightLow CostAverage CostHigh Cost
Xtra Large>80ft1900$22002500


Whats Included in The Estimate

When getting a quote all costs will vary and what’s included can vary but for most professional tree service companies when giving a quote will include the following in their estimate:

  • Cutting down tree
  • Chipping the branches
  • Cutting tree trunk into manageable sections (where necessary)
  • Hauling tree trunk away where necessary

*Note - in some cases, certain providers may just give you a cost for cutting down and chipping branches and may charge extra cutting trunk up and hauling it away especially if it's a large job and they're competing on cost. In most cases, it will be included.

What's Not Included In The Costs?

The following are a list of cost that is not usually included in the cost estimate of a tree removal service, you will need to check this with your provider, some may offer it at discount, some may offer it to get the job but unusual, assume these are extra costs when it comes to the removal.

  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Wood Chopping and Splitting Service
  • Arborists Assessments and Evaluations

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