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As a tree owner, your probably already aware that trimming and pruning is a practice carried out to manage overgrown and dense plants, it also involves reducing the branches so the tree grows in a more manageable form and removing excess or unhealthy branches promotes growth and stability.

Trimming is carried out to removed damages or diseased branches and limbs and to reduce the trees height or climate lower branches so that the tree can be shaped as well as thin out the crown to allow a more balanced growth and airflow.

Remember that regular trimming and pruning does a few things and is in you interest, it creates healthy stable trees that have better growth when they mature which in turn greatly reduces potential damages during storms and high winds and spreads out your costs over the long period while greatly reducing your need for emergency tree services.  Trimming often and regular and keep you costs down and surprises to a minimum.

Tree Trimming Costs

Tree Trimming Costs:Approximate Tree Trimming Costs
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When Trim & Prune

Trimming and pruning is usually carried out during the tree’s dormant season ideally just before any growth sets in between the end of the dormant season and towards the beginning of the growth season. During the trees dormancy, minimal sap will be lost to avoid stress to the tree. It also minimizes the likelihood of infectious agents or insects invading the tree since both would also be in dormancy.

How to Trim and Prune

Branches should be trimmed when they are young and they should also not be cut too long or too short to the stem. The only branches that should be trimmed are those that are V-shaped, have narrow angles and are weak. When thinning the tree’s crown, one should make sure that the lateral branches are spaced evenly especially on trees that are still young.

Branches to be trimmed should include those that cross other branches and you should always desist from removing more than ¼ of the crown at once. Also, removing too many branches on the lower half of the tree may lead to a weaker stem.

Trimming procedure

A small wedge-shaped cut should be made on the branch’s underside near the branch side of the stem collar. This is to prevent the bark from tearing along the stem tissue. Further along, the branch should be cut all the way from the top to leave a stub end. Lastly, a third parallel cut should be made on the branch side of the stem collar in order to reduce the stub.


Tree Pruning Costs


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